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Our Rich History & Humble Beginnings

In April 1983, Bro. Taylor was ordained as a Deacon.  Over the next two years, while demonstrating great zeal, loyalty and dedication, God began calling Deacon Taylor into the ministry.  By April 1985, God called Deacon Taylor into the ministry.  Nothing was able to stop Deacon Taylor or deter him in any way from his solid commitment to the Lord.  Deacon Taylor had a heart desire to build a new sanctuary for First Church of Deliverance; which included much needed renovation.  There was no heat, no air, nor inside pluming.  Members had to go outside to use the outhouse.  Minister Taylor and his family would arrive early to prepare the building for worship service.  While Deacon Taylor continued steadfast in seeking the Lord with his whole heart, Sis. Carlene Taylor was the secretary to the pastor and their two daughters’ song in the church choir.   On July 28, 1985, Minister Taylor preached his first message out of the Book of Luke; Chapter 15—entitled: “Back Sliders Come Home”.  What a powerful message it was. After the preaching of the word of God, prayer was made and many people was healed and delivered on that day.

On July 6, 1986, Minister Taylor was ordained as elder and minister by God.   As time passed, Elder Taylor went to the pastor and talked to him about resigning from his current to help with the building of the new church. After getting the pastor’s blessing to do so, Elder Taylor quit his job as an electrician supervisor.  It took three years to complete the new building. 

By October 1987, we moved into the new building; which is what you see above.  


Over the next few months, God began to speak to Elder Taylor’s heart about starting a soul saving and family-oriented ministry for the Lord in Clinton, MS.  Elder Taylor didn’t just leave without consulting with his pastor; he first went and consulted with him about the vision God had given him.  After consulting with the pastor for several months, his former pastor released him to start the vision that God had put in his heart.Five months later, with the Lord's guidance, he was led to 946 Hwy 80 East in Clinton (a place that had been vacant for over ten years), and had now become available...not by coincidence, but by the will of God.  Having the favor of God, the LORD blessed the owner to provide more space than was expected at a very reasonable monthly rent. On Sunday, March 13, 1988, we held our first service and received our first members.  As we continued to uplift the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, many more members were added to the church. At Hwy 80 East, we witnessed many blessings, great miracles and many healing.  It was here where Pastor Edward Taylor baptized his own mother (Sis. Katy Mae Taylor) in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Sis. Katy Mae passed on Friday January 7, 1994.  With a heavy heart, Pastor Edward Taylor was back in the pulpit Sunday morning preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ because preaching the Word of God is where he gets his strength to press forward.    Elder Taylor began diligently seeking a place of worship.  The LORD also gave the name of the church to Elder Taylor.  It was to be called New Testament Church of the Apostolic Faith.  

On May 23, 1996, with only eleven, faithful working members; with joy, faith and determination to build, the Lord blessed us to dedicate this beautiful DEBT FREE BUILDING to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Over the past 30 years, the Lord has blessed us with much progress.  By faith, we have purchased and paid in full, 2 buses and a van. We have never, ever had to borrow any money from any bank or loan institution.   As we were laying the foundation and building the church, the Lord bless many people to come by and donate money to us. What God has started, we know He will continue to refine.


Therefore, we can say "We don’t have to look no further!” Many years have gone by to make up where we are today.  This book would not be able to hold all that the Lord has done for us these past 30 years; because GOD HAS BEEN MIGHTY! MIGHTY! MIGHTY GOOD TO US!


We are thankful for our humble beginning, because it was founded and ordained by God; with Jesus Christ himself being the Chief corner stone.  We have our marching orders, and by God’s special grace, we will continue to press toward the mark for the prize of the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus.

The History of the New Testament Church of the Orthodox Apostolic Faith is preserved with the hope of inspiring our present and future congregation during this new millennium.  Certainly, God has been and continues to be our shield and our strength.

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