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Internationally Recognized
Officers In Charge

Dr. Harrison Okotie, CO Command II, Edo State.jpg

Dr. Harrison Okotie

Rank: Colonel

Dr. Jordan Amereca, Sub Lietenant, Edo State.jpg

Dr. Jordan Amereca

Rank: Sub Lieutenant

Jerry U. Duruvwe, Cadet - Edo State.jpg

Jerry Duruvw

Rank: Cadet

Bishop Mke Laju Edo State_edited.jpg

Bishop Mike Laju

Rank: Brigadier General

Iyamu Goodluck Cadet.jpg

 Iyamu Goodluck

Rank: Cadet

Chukwuma Solomon Nkoyenasua.jpg

Chukwuma Solomon Nkoyenasua

Rank: Colonel

Victor O Momodu, Chap. Brigadier General, Edo State.jpg

Victor "O' Momdu

Rank: Brigadier General

Christopher Okoro Njoku, Major General - Edo State.jpg

Christopher Okoro NJoku

Rank: Major General

Ayon Omogregie, Lietenant - Edo State.jpg

Ayo N. Omoregie

Rank: Chaplain Lieutenant 

Chapin Deborah, General - Edo State.jpg

Chaplain Deborah

Rank: General

Chaplain Favour O. Aghedosa, Captain.jpg

Favour O Aghedosa

Rank: Captain

Ifijeh Julius Okhae, Cadet, Edo State_edited.jpg

Ifijeh Julius Okhae

Rank: Cadet

Chaplian Rev Christian Onyebuchi Igine, Major General - Edo State.jpg

Chaplain Christian Onyebuchi Iguie

Rank: Major General

Chaplin Celestine Askikodi, Major General - Edo State.jpg

Chaplain Apos Celestine Ashikodi

Rank: Major General

Asabe Thompson, Lietenant - Edo State.jpg

Asabe Thompson

Rank: Lieutenant

Onaiwu James, Lietenant - Edo State.jpg

Onaiwu James Osasumwfn

Rank: Lieutenant

Osagiobare Christopher, Sub Lietenant - Edo State.jpg

Osagiobare Christopher

Rank: Sub-Lieutenant

Osaigbovo Frank Uyioghosa, Lietenant - Edo State.jpg

Osaigbovo Frank Uyioghosa

Rank: Lieutenant

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