God Chose Africa; Not Me

An Extension of Mission for Africa
International - Clinton, Mississippi—USA
Pastor Edward Taylor, Chaplain World Commandant General

 In September 2004, Pastor Edward Taylor traveled to Nigeria where he participated in a powerful two-week long, anointed Holy Ghost filled services that resulted in many deliverance, healing and many of our Nigeria brothers embraced the Apostolic Faith.  It all started with the man in the white suit.  During one of the services, while Pastor Taylor was ministering, God spoke to him to stop and preach to the man in the white suit.  As he began ministering what thus said the Lord of Host; God showed him that the blood of Nigerian people was crying out of the ground and the man in the white suit is the man that is going to take this apostolic message all over Africa.  Afterwards, when Pastor Taylor laid hands upon the man in the white suit, he went out in the spirit; confirming what God had just revealed to Pastor Taylor. That man name is Pastor Thomas Livingstone Ambek.  Since that day, Pastor Thomas L. Ambek has been fervent in the Mission for Africa. 


The year July 2016 proved to be a very busy and prosper year for Pastor Taylor.  Going from church to church, city to city, house to house and country to country …because the Lord God Almighty is not a stand still GOD.  For the first time, Pastor Ambek; his son was able to visit the United States and as a result, Pastor Taylor was able to travel to Harrisburg, PA, where he connected and ministered to some brothers and afterwards both Pastor Taylor and Pastor Ambek baptized several of them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Now, because of those that were baptized, we are now in the infant stage of starting a second New Testament Church in Harrisburg, PA. HALLELUJAH!! And By God’s grace, WE WILL GET THERE. 


Remember I said God is not a stand still God.  Well a few years has passed since Pastor Taylor had been back to Nigeria. But, by the help of the Almighty God, he was able to return back to Africa in October 2016 to oversee the work IN progress and God was in a GOOD MOOD!! The Power of God was immeasurably demonstrated throughout his entire visit.  While there, Pastor Taylor was not only able to participate in the graduation of the students who had completed the 18 month Apostolic Ministry School - under the watchful eye of his son Pastor T. L. Ambek, he was also able to baptize many of the students in the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Lord blessed Pastor Taylor to meet and sit with kings and high dignitaries. He preached to them and God gave him favor.   The half has still not been told. There is not enough time to tell it all; like I said…. God was in a good mood.  Under the arms of the New Testament Church of the Apostolic Faith and watchful eye of Pastor T.L. Ambek, The Mission for Africa is still alive; burning and spreading like wild fire.  Today, we now have over 300 growing affiliated churches and Chaplains in Africa which is still doing the work of the Apostolic Ministry. 



July 19-25, 2018


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