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Internationally Recognized
Officers In Charge

Emmanuel Joseph, Chaplain Cadet - Jos Plateau State.jpg

Emmanuel Joseph

Rank: Chaplain Cadet

Sarah Kingsley, Jos Plateau State.jpg

Sarah Kingsley

Assistant Secretary

Dung Sameul Tibil, Plateau State.jpg

Dung Samuel Tibil

Rank: Cadet

Dr. Elias Nankal Lamb, Major General, Plateau State.jpg

Dr. Elias Nankap Lamb

Rank: Major General

Major General.jpg

Droy H. Oydoni

Rank: Major General

Mrs. HR Major General.jpg

Mrs. HR Sanjiloni

Rank: Major General 

Rev. Habila Makanumeso Istifanus,  Major General - Plateau State.jpg

Rev Halsila Makanumeso Istifanus

Rank: Brigadier General

Jang Chukwak Tanko, Major General - Plateau State.jpg

Jang Chuhwak Tanko

Rank: Major General

Henry Gyank Mang, Major General - Plateau State.jpg

Henry Gyang Mang

Rank: Major

Pam Dayou John, Plateau State.jpg

Pam Dayou John

Rank: Cadet

Andrea Dusu Tsok, Plateau State.jpg

Andrew Dusu Tsok

Rank:  Cadet

Pauline George Tawum, Plateau State_edited.jpg

Pauline George Tawum

Rank: Counsellor

Bidemi Baderin Matthew, Plateau State.jpg

Bidemi Banderin Matthew

Rank: Cadet

Solomon Dachung Davou, Plateau State.jpg

Solomon Dachuwg Davou

Rank: Cadet

Evang Musa Daniea Matonson, Plateau State.jpg

Musa Daniea Matonson

Rank: Cadet

Joseph Pam Sha, Plateau State.jpg

Joseph Pam Sha

Rank: Cadet

Chaplain Cadet.jpg

Fadilat Onyiosa Yusunf

Rank: Chaplain Cadet

Paul James, Plateau State.jpg

Paul James

Rank: Cadet

Samson Hansatu Ruth, Plateau State.jpg

Samson Hansatu Ruth

Rank: Cadet

Sihkkaham Luka Wammar, Plateau State.jpg

Sihkkaham Luka Wamma

Rank: Cadet

Baget Istifanus Bogam, Plateau State_edited.jpg

Baget Istifanus Bogom

Rank: Cadet

Obadiah Dung Chuhwak, Plateau State.jpg

Obadiah Dung Chuhwak

Rank: Cadet

Rev Dr. Abraham Goni Dogo, Major General, Plateau State.jpg

Morgan James

Rank: Major General

Dinatu Husaini Nangu, Plateau State.jpg

Dinatu Husaini Nangu

Rank: Cadet

Dalyop Elisha Gyang, Plateau State.jpg

Dalyop Elisha Gyang

Rank: Cadet

Emmanuel Ahmadu Wudarra_edited.jpg

Emmanuel Ahmadu Wudarra

Rank: Cadet

Danzoss Chrisopher Pineol, Plateau State.jpg

Danzoss Chrisioper Pinol

Rank: Cadet

Chundung Pwol Danzoss, Plateau State_edited.jpg

Chundang Pwol Danzoss

Rank: Cadet

David Sule Ayana, Plateau State_edited.jpg

David Sule Gyang

Rank: Cadet

Ayuba Bitrus Dung, Plateau State_edited.jpg

Ayuba Bitrus Dung

Rank: Cadet

Daros Davou Musa, Plateau State.jpg

Daros Davou Musa

Rank: Cadet

Kishak Pokas Felicia, Plateau State_edited.jpg

Kishak Polcas Felicia

Rank: Cadet

Alexander Joseph Lyyah, Plateau State.jpg

Alexander Joseph Lyyah

Rank: Cadet

Husaini Nangu, Plateau State.jpg

Husaini Nanag

Rank: Cadet

Istifanus Dung Dido, Plateau State.jpg

Istifanus Dung Dido

Rank: Cadet

Gwom Yohanna Pam, Plateau State.jpg

Gwom Yohanna Pam

Rank: Cadet

Chom Tbeneger Dagwiasirwod, Captain, Plateau State.jpg

Chom Ebenezer Dagwi a' Sirwad

Rank: Captain

Dung Davou Gyang, Cadet, Plateau State.jpg

Dung Davou Gyang

Rank: Cadet

Luterh Bulus Shambor, Plateau State.jpg

Luther Bulus Shambor

Rank: Cadet

Rinang, Peter Gyang, Plateau State.jpg

Rinang, Peter Gyang

Rank: Cadet

Saiki Benjamin Sunday, Plateau.jpg

Saiki Benjamin Sunday

Rank: Cadet

Pam Jerry Davor, Plateau.jpg

Pam Jerry Davou

Rank: Cadet

Bentu Tim, Plateau State.jpg

Bentu Tim

Rank: Cadet

Gabriel Gyang Manage, Chaplain Cadet, Plateau State.jpg

Gabriel Gyang Manggei

Rank: Cadet

Gyang Dangana Chong, Plateau State.jpg

Gyang Dangana Chong

Rank: Cadet

Celly Kangyang Chom, Chaplain Cadet, Chaplain Cadet, Plateau State.jpg

Celly Kamgyagm

Rank: Cadet

Tibil Elizabeth Dung, Cadet, Plateau State.jpg

Tibil Elizabeth Dung

Rank: Cadet

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