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Our Mission

Here to Glorify God

Our purpose and mission at New Testament Church of the Apostolic Faith, is to allow Jesus to transfer lives for His glory.  In an effort to do this, we pray, sing, worship and study Gods infallible word.  We see our church not simply as a house of worship with walls, a roof and open doors. Rather, we see ourselves as a beacon light to lost souls; we believe that the church is the pillars and ground of truth. A place of refuge from the cares of the world; a place where members and believers can come together to hear and practice God’s word, celebrate His love and extend His gifts.  

As the true Apostolic Church in the Clinton area, New Testament Church-Apostolic Faith is committed to transforming the lives of everyone that come through our doors. Since 1996, we have ensured that the teaching of Jesus Christ are deeply ingrained in our services .

Our congregation is fueled by a firm belief in the Apostolic Teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are invited to

come and experience the Presence and the Power of God! Your life will never be the same!!

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