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Apostle Edward L. Taylor

Pastor & General Overseer

Edward L. Taylor, is a native of Clinton, MS.  He is a graduate of Hinds Community College and the IBEW 480 Electrician Trade School.  From the time Edward Taylor exit his mother’s womb, he had a different mindset from those he grew up around.  He grew up in a family of six.  He helped his mother with his siblings until he went to the army at the age of 20 where he served two years.  While serving in the U.S. Army, he earned his stripes as a Sargent E5.  After returning home from service, he married Carlene Taylor, the love of his life.  At the age of 32, Edward Taylor was very successful in his endeavors. So today, our history starts with a young man who thought he had everything life had to offer. Edward Taylor thought that life was all about making money, hot rides, women and taking care of his family.  This young man thought he was hero! Although he had everything and it appeared that was living a good life.  Yet deep within him, there still remained emptiness that could not be filled with worldly things. There was an emptiness within his soul that he didn’t understand nor could explain.   Until the day God came and interrupted his life. One day while driving, Edward Taylor had his own “Damascus Road” experience.  Like Paul, immediately he was moved to acknowledge the One and Only True Living GOD.   As time pass, he began to feel a strong spiritual tug on his life and began diligently seeking the Lord.  Not knowing how to pray, he asked God to lead him and his family to a small church where they would grow spiritually and be a help to the ministry.  In August 1982, the LORD led him and his family to First Church of Deliverance; a small church in Raymond, MS.  After hearing the Word of God, Edward Taylor and his wife, Carlene Taylor embraced the name of Jesus in obedience to the salvation plan. They both repented from their sins and was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And it came to pass, after seeking God for the infilling of the precious gift of the Holy Ghost, they were endued with the Power from on high with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance.  As a layperson, he and his family were a great asset to the First Church of Deliverance.  He taught the young adult morning school with zeal and inspiration. Over the next six years, Bro. Taylor and his family was fully dedicated to the church and to the ministry.

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