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An Extension of Mission for Africa
International - Clinton, Mississippi—USA
Pastor Edward Taylor, Chaplain World Commandant General

Apostle Edward Taylor_edited.jpg

Apostle Edward Taylor, Chaplain World Commandant General

Chaplain World Commandant General


Dr. Chaplain Ambek Livingstone Thomas

Chaplain General - 5 Stars Continental Commandant General Mac-Corps

An amazing fact, truth and work of the grace of God in my life is that I am nobody and nothing on my own, never worked on my own; things took a dramatic turn, however, on my encounter and meeting with Apostle Edward Taylor in 2005 at a conference in my church, Evangel Christian Centre International, Ghana and while preaching, he pointed at me, saying, “This is the man.” He said it three times. He later singled me out and repeated three times again, “This is the man.” I didn’t understand but I knew something spiritual was going on. He went back to the United States and about two or three months later, he phoned me early in the morning to tell me what God told him and that was how we started. Our objective is to correct bad doctrines in churches.
Apostolic Mission for Africa began when the overseer. Since I met Apostle Edward Taylor, I have never remained in obscurity (in dark) but I have rather known whom I have believed with conviction, persuasion and I have received multiple grace again and again.  Once I was blind; but now I see.  The keys of the Kingdom of Heaven is the Apostolic Doctrine which is able to save, lead and open a life gate that all my go in and see The Father – (GOD).  My tears and cry for my African people is that they may be saved.  I invite you to support the Gospel which is what Apostle Taylor preaches and those who have believed his message to stand firm, work hard and sound the message to others also.  This I know; God will give us the supply of the Spirit to do so.  My conviction is that Jesus Christ is God made man to save me; my passion is for souls to be saved only through the Apostolic Doctrine or else we lose them to again to devils; my gratitude goes to my mentor, model, teacher, elder and overseer Apostle Edward L. Taylor and the seed family and to the Upper House of the New Testament Church.

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